Banana Palace

Copper Canyon Press
Poetry / 2016

"In a series of loose-limbed and inventive poems that have an sf feel, Levin contemplates forthcoming possibilities, worrying about "You, future person" ...Levin's meditations may sound like heavy-duty philosophizing, but actually they're bouncy, engrossing fun."  — Library Journal

"Levin digs into the relationship between mind and body at a time when technologies offer expansive powers, and physical bodies seem more inefficient and absurd than ever... The world may seem broken, but these poems don't convey doom—Levin's clear, grounded language leaves the reader hopeful in the end." — Publishers Weekly



Copper Canyon Press
Poetry / 2011

"Sky Burial brings a wealth of ritual and lore from various strains of Buddhism, as well as Mesoamerican and other spiritual traditions, all explained in ample, helpful notes that distinguish yamas from thangkas, and so on...the intensity and seriousness and openness of her investigations make  (Dana) Levin's use of this material utterly her own, and utterly riveting"  — The New Yorker



Copper Canyon Press
Poetry / 2005

"Intimate and hypnotic... whether turning her gaze inward or outward, these poems question the moral, aesthetic, and metaphysic needs that poetry exists to fulfill."  — Ploughshares 

"Her voice speaks to the private wars of self and the dark violence of reflection. Readers will find that this work carries the pulse of their darkest sorrows, in the breath of their humanity." — Library Journal



Copper Canyon Press
Poetry / 1999

"Sensuous, compassionate, violent, extravagant: what an amazing debut this is, a book of terrors and marvels." — Louise Glück, U.S. Poet Laureate

"Dana Levin's first poetry collection... is a true stunner, alive and pulsing in the reader's hand... Levin has the skilled ear, magnificent tongue and fierce mind of the truly prophetic." — RainTaxi